Welcome, wonderers!

Hello! I’m Issa Adalia. I’m a teenager with a few white hairs, as well as a proud Filipina, homeschooled rockstar, globetrotter, and follower of Jesus.


I started this blog because I believe we need to invest in the next generation of leaders. Well, you may ask, who are they? My friend, I believe that they’re me and you. We are the ones who shape the world. Big or small; wherever you are – you make an impact and you influence others.

What do I write about?

My mission is to help the next wave of leaders aim, ready, and fire. I want them to dream bigger, be prepared to serve those around them, and set the atmosphere. I’m only young and I haven’t achieved all that much yet – but, hey, “everything big starts small”, and I believe anyone can make a difference, regardless of their age. Also, I’m no guru on leadership, but I do know how to inspire, inform, and entertain. That’s how I’ll serve you.

I write about people, culture, travel, arts, music, and photography. Occasionally, I’ll drop in some reviews and how-to articles.

My goal is to create inspiring, relevant content that will get you thinking and help you get things moving. If you desire to spark change in your community and change the world, then – congrats! – this blog is for you.

You’ll find posts here every other Saturday, and when I find a special occasion worth writing about. Don’t miss out – you can receive my updates by subscribing via email.

Who am I?

I started blogging ever since I was 11 years old, but it took me four blogs to decide that I wanted to take this thing seriously!

I grew up in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2011, staying there for almost six years. As of now, you can find me in Eurasian Yerevan, Armenia – the land of the Kardashians, Henrikh Mhkhitaryan, and Mt. Ararat. Young as I am, I’ve set foot upon ten countries and eighteen cities outside my homeland. The top three countries I want to visit next are South Africa, Jordan, and India.

Yet, you might ask, “How does your homeschooling thing work??” Well, I self-study at home with my two siblings and get my schoolbooks from the Philippines, US, and Singapore. And, don’t worry, I don’t live under a rock – I’ve got tons of friends from 50+ countries and all sorts of ages and backgrounds. I’ve learned lots of skills and gained tons of unique experiences. With homeschooling, my classroom becomes the world.

Here’s some other stuff about me:

  • I was a relief operations volunteer for two months after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, which I wrote about here.
  • The article about my Nepal earthquake experience, “The Day Everything Changed”, was featured in Absolutely Filipino, a quarterly magazine in Canada.
  • I can play the violin, piano,guitar, and ukulele. Singing is my forte. I’m also starting to write songs.
  • I consider myself as an artist 🙂 I mostly sketch people with watercolour pencils and ink. I also do brush calligraphy.
  • For a time, I used to write short stories on Wattpad and poems on HelloPoetry.
  • In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction/biographies/leadership/blogs, photography, chores, journalling, and thinking.
  • My mom taught me how to cook, and now I can cook Spanish, Italian, American, and Filipino dishes.

Where else can you find me?

You can find me on my personal Instagram and on YouTube (I’m going to be a vlogger too! Please subscribe ‘cuz I only have 3 subscribers huhu).

What’s my colophon?

As a newbie, I looked for a functional, simple, and free theme and found ‘Bento‘ by SatoriStudio. To reflect my personality, I picked Quattrocentro Sans for my body font, Poppins for my header font, and Josefin Sans for my menu font. Following the advice of all the how-to-blog writers I’ve read, I use BlueHost as my hosting platform.

If you like my blog, please come visit again! You can subscribe when the little window pops up! 😉