15 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry because I was supposed to post this on your birthday two days ago as my gift. I didn’t plan this right and I really wish I finished it on time.

You’re the most punctual one out of the family and I wish I had done that quality of yours justice. But you also patiently put up with me over and over again, so here’s to hoping that part of you wins over the other. 🙂

So, among many others, here are 15 reasons why I love you.

1. You encourage my interests.

You taught me how to cook Spanish, Italian, American, and Filipino food, since I was 12 or 13. I love working in the kitchen, even though I make mistakes, since I learn so much and I feel great when everyone says my food tastes delicious!


Here’s my version of Salpicao, a beef and mushroom Spanish dish which is one of Mom’s specialties.

To mention another one, I’d like to say that you are the first driving force of my love for art. I’m grateful because you bought me richly illustrated books as a child, took me to art fairs and workshops as a teen, and taught me drawing techniques to help my art business project last year. Thank you for investing in me.

2. You taught me how to be a collector.

I basically grew up in a house made out of magazines, old photos, novels, storybooks, scrapbooks, scratch paper, and art supplies – all generously donated by Mom. You love to collect things and memories, and it obviously got passed on to my DNA. Like, I was once a football fangirl (gosh, how did I stop being one?), and I collected all the signatures of our national football team, the Philippine Azkals, on the back of a t-shirt too big for me to wear.

3. You’re an artist.

I mean, as an example for the kids, you made this Sunday school colouring page, which kinda looks like the work of a professional illustrator:


Elijah is #LIT!

4. I look like you.

Like mother, like daughter.


1980’s vs 2010’s – who wore it best? HAHA!

5. You edit my articles.

I save myself from the fury of my inner grammar Nazi and others out there because of you. (HAHA.) But, you’ll probably spot a few mistakes here since I didn’t send this to you for reviewing 😂

6. You set the bar on how to serve.

When I struggle with watching over my siblings while studying and doing my chores at the same time, I think about how you’ve successfully maintained the household for years without going nuts.

You don’t complain about having so much to do. And I appreciate that, because you give me an excellent example to follow.


You delight in serving.

7. You homeschool me.

Because of your and Dad’s decision to homeschool me, I’ve made the world my classroom and I approach life differently from most kids my age.

8. You remind me of important things.

Before I leave the house, you often remind me of stuff I forgot to bring with me. You also teach me how to handle my chores properly by running me through all the details.

9. You taught me how to be faithful with the little things.

Having said the previous point, I’m meticulous about details and careful about little things, after seeing you as a good steward of what you have. I’ve seen from your example that the small details do add up to make big impact, so I value them with care.

10. You bring the best out in me.

Even when it hurts, you push me to do my best, like fire purifies gold. When you correct and discipline me, I realise my careless and selfish attitude, and my heart is revealed.

Not thirty minutes after I wrote the past sentence, you entrusted me to make dinner and I ended up overcooking the pasta.

At first, you were not impressed – duh! But I was surprised because you quickly forgave me as we sat down to dinner. You told the family, “The pasta is just a bit overcooked. But, Issa will do better next time!”

I really believed the latter of what you said. And I’m sorry for all the times I’ve disobeyed you and fallen short of your expectations. But, thank you for knowing when to correct me – and when to comfort me. Thank you for always opening your arms in forgiveness.

11. You make me laugh.

You’re not the most funniest person I know, but I love it when you make me laugh.


It’s also heart-lifting to watch you laugh!

12. You’re a storyteller.

You’d tell me stories of the movie you watched in the bus, how a robber stole the chickens under your house at night when you were a child, the time you read this blog about an Armenian who met a stranger who treated him like family but never remembered his name – oh, I could go on and on.

I love it when you tell me stories because you share a part of yourself with me.

13. You shared the Gospel to me.

I’m eternally grateful that you passed on your legacy of faith to me, even when I was young.

As a verse from the Bible reads:

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
– Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

14. You love me and my family.

You surprise me with extra gifts on Christmas. You write my sister love letters. You watch and narrate make-believe movies with my brother before falling asleep. You cook three sunny-side up eggs for Dad’s breakfast.

I can name countless more acts of your selfless love – big and small. We can’t help but thank God for you.

15. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom.

All of the other reasons I’ve mentioned above speak for this last one. I want to be like you someday, and I’m glad that I’m close to you so I can mirror the admirable woman you are.


We celebrate you everyday.

You really are the best mom in the world! I love you, Mama.

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday! What special thing are you doing for your mom? Share your ideas in the comments.

Posted by Issa Adalia

Teen blogger since 2012. Homeschooled rockstar. Filipina globetrotter. Rookie artist. Asian in Armenia. Rescued by Jesus.


francis and anna

Wonderfully written Issa! Full of hearts! ❤ Happy birthday again to ate Imee 🙂

Thanks Tita Anna! <3 <3 <3 See you again soon! And I love, love, love the new look of your blog. 😀 (Sorry for the late reply! Waah haha!)

Oh my, what a wonderful post from a daughter to her mom. Both of you are amazing and I truly admire you. Happy Mother’s Day Imee. 🙂

Thank you po, Tita Joy! <3 I admire you as well 🙂 See you soon here in Armenia! God bless! (sorry for replying late!)

Loved every bit of it!! ❤

Thank you so much, Tita Prasun! I hope I can read some of your blogs someday 😀 <3 (sorry for the late reply!)

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Thank you dearest Issa for this super duper special birthday gift and Mother’s Day gift as well. I am beyond words… but truly thankful to our Father, the source of everything, for His daily grace that sustains me to be His intended vessel for you and your siblings. I have my own failings which you readily forgive too with your smile and assurance. Thank you for putting value to what Dad and I have been showing, teaching and training you all for. This is an affirmation that our arrows are shaped well, strengthened each day in God’s design. And when the day comes that we need to release the arrows, we will be comforted and assured that they will indeed hit their target. I love you, Anak, and thank you that you keep on inspiring us, your siblings and those around you. God is with you all the time.

Wow Issa,you are really a talented girl,love you much😚😚😚

Issa Adalia

Awww, merci shat, Marieta!! 💖 love you too!! 😙😙😙

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